Case CX80 SR 8.5Ton Digger

Width 2.32M, Digging depth 4.61m Piped for Rock Breaker

With CASE machines, “smaller machine dimensions” don’t mean that there is less space for the operator. The CX80 cab has the same level of comfort and convenience as the standard models in the CX range; it is integrated with the upperstructure and therefore does not affect manoeuvrability on 360 degree swing. It’s still wide enough to provide the operator with maximum comfort and all the advantages of a “standard” machine, including mechanical suspension
and a multi-adjustable driver’s seat, with a storage compartment to the rear LH of the seat.




The cab has a large roof window, enabling continuous checking of the bucket position when the attachment is fully retracted. For operator comfort, the cab is insulated from vibration and noise by four elastofluid mountings.

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