Data Logging System (Full recording & control system for winches)

Full recording & control system for winches. Developed for the 10T and under cable
pulling industry to enable full protection of the cable asset and machinery. The
controller can be retrofitted to most winches.
Winch will have a soft shutdown at 100% of full load inputted. A full shutdown at 110%
and an auto reset at 90%. All hard wired through system E stop circuitry in NO or NC



The controller indicates on a screed the speed, distance and forces applied by the
winch and records in either time or meterage. After the pull you can print the details
directly from the winch printer with the ability to print as many copies as you want.
The same data is then stored in a csv file in the machine with details of the run that
can be accessed through an IP rated SD card holder on the machine. The system can
record in meters per minute or metres per second depending on the application and the speed of
the winch. Readings can be maximum, minimum or mean and changed by the user before starting.
Most time, distance recording setting can be changed by the user to make this a very versatile unit.
Controller can be directly mounted on the machine in their current control panel or installed in a
bespoke waterproof box on a trailing lead.

Spec Sheet

Windworks Data Logger 2.5 to 10T 160719