GE36 Direct Oil Fired Heater (Dual Voltage)

The GE36 (D/V) is a portable, direct fired oil heater; the unit can be easily switched between voltages by simply removing the voltage switch cover, switching to the required voltage, and fitting the appropriate plug and power cable.

The GE36 has an output of 39kW (132,000 BTUs / Hr) and is 100% thermally efficient; as with all forms of direct fired heating, the unit should only be used in a well ventilated area. The GE36 is commonly used for localised heating in workshops, foundries and in construction; the unit also lends itself to certain horticultural and agricutural applications.



Heater Dimensions 1075mm x 440mm x 615mm
Packaged Heater Dimensions 1050mm x 400mm x 520mm
Product Weight 25 Kg
Packaged Weight 29 Kg
Heating Capacity 39 kW
Heat Efficiency 100 %
Air Flow 605 m³/h
Air Temperature 177 °C
Fuel Consumption 3.04 l/Hr
Tank Capacity 42 Litres
Electrical Power 232 Watts