Hikoki H65SD3

The optimized hammer mechanism with a cylindrical striker delivers a high impact energy and efficient impact rate, resulting in higher demolition performance.

Superior Working Comfort

  • Due to the large heavyweight (cylindrical) striker, the chisel easily cuts into
    concrete, which makes users feel more comfortable during demolition work.



Power Input 1,340W
Full Load Impact Rate 1,400/min
Bit Shank 30mm Hex.(1-3/16″) 28.5mm Hex.(1-1/8”)
Overall Length 731mm (28-3/4”) 848mm (33-3/8”)
Weight*1 18.0kg (39.7lbs.) 20.1kg (44.3lbs.)
Vibration Total Values
(triax vector sum)*2
Chiseling Vibration emission value ah, Cheq = 15.5m/s2 Vibration emission value ah, Cheq = 13.9m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5m/s2